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Vista – PITA

My ex boss got a new PC and wanted me to configure it for him - my first experience of Vista - to be fair to Micro$oft marketing I did go 'WOW!' but it wasn't what they expected it was 'WOW - this is far worse than I thought it would be'.

I really thought the Micro$oft were beginning to catch up to OsX by adding some of the features that us Tiger users have had for years, but no - its all rubbish (smoke & mirrors, so they say). The improved security appears to be extra popups that basically advise not to use something that Micro$oft haven't sold you (passing the buck, that is called) - main user still runs at administrator level so it is still easy for 'invaders' to get into the OS.

Completely disappointed and now totally convinced the OsX is the future!

Vista - Pain In The Arse


Size 0 – Give It Up, Ever Cuddled a Skeleton?

If an animal looked like that the RSPCA would collect it and 'get it sorted' - the fashion industry requires bodies like 'coat hangers' to present their clobber - it doesn't mean the public have to strive for that shape - who wears designer crap anyway?

Eat something you freaks!

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Yanks – Debt Paid!

They see themselves as the worlds police (how accurate was Team America- World Police?). South Park, Simpsons, Futurama and can be self critical - but they are out of the ordinary for Yank TV - in the main they portray themselves as the birthplace of civilisation, masters of the universe and earthly gods...

Patriotism is pushed to the point of fanaticism, what will happen when the spics take over the US (which they will)?

We have been in debt to them since the end of the 2nd world war following a 4 billion pound loan to keep us going after we fought whilst they watched to keep the world free of tyranny, but no longer - we've paid it off!

Let us no longer dance to their tune, we don't need them and we don't owe them anything anymore!

Their intolerance of anything none US puts them at odds with the rest of the world and we too should shun them, much as I disagree with muslim militancy I can see their point about US foreign interference

Yanks go home...

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yarnarr wot amin?

Is the English language dead, it is certainly being murdered down south - they've gone all Ali-G!

Why is it that people have to sound like gangsta rappers or Afro-Caribbean wide boys when they quite clearly are not?

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Veggies and Vegans – get a life

Watched a TV programme where veggie athletes agreed to be tested, eat meat for a fortnight and be retested. One tried all meats others kept to the minimum. the final tests showed significant increases for the adventurous one and and an upward trend for the others.
If you avoid meat because of medical reasons then ok but those that avoid it because they think its cruel are kidding themselves. Do they think that plants don't scream when they are harvested? do they think that anything with a brain will think like us? not so - dolphins are said to be incredibly clever but they;ve never invented anything, developed trade alliances, or done that most human of things - gone to war! they are just a well adapted aquatic mammal.

Stick a questionnaire in front of some cattle asking them what they think about their life and how they feel about becoming steaks and burgers - pointless, eh! just what I say about your avoidance of meat!

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Lost (the plot)

I suppose this is not just a complaint about Lost, it is about yank drama in general - when something is successful they extend it till it has no viewers left or their staff costs have gone through the roof and they have to abandon it incomplete! I gave up with 24 for the same reason and no longer start watching series as I expect them to do this to everything...

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Traffic Calming – Traffic Annoyances!

The people they are designed to slow down don't care cos its not their car they are damaging by riding kerbs and bashing bollards - joyriders are car thieves - do we call bank robbers 'cash desirers' - no they rob banks so they are bank robber so why cant the people that steal cars be car thieves? The need to make crime seem less prevalent than it is has resulted in soft names for crimes. 'Date rape' is said to be less of a crime than rape - why? either they consented or they didn't, and if they didn't it is rape, whether on a date or not! We don't have date murder (not as bad as murder because the victim was asking for it...)!

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Phone polls

Why does every tv programme want you to vote about something - it is just a big cash scam - they make a nice little earner via the service aggregator, not only that but they capture your details for further marketing. How can a poll done this way be anything but indicative of people who waste money with a mobile - I will never vote in these things so they are not representative of the viewing public!

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Part Time Parenting

Funny how parents are worried about getting their kids to school without them being molested, kidnappped or whatever, but after school they lose all interest in them - they are allowed to go out, hang about on street corners drinking white lightning, etc... and are more at risk than ever...

When the schools are off kids congregate in shopping centres and wherever else they please - but more importantly the roads are quiet, you can get anywhere in the car - fast!

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The continuing failure of Windoze Media Center…

This extremely poor OS continues to frustrate. 75Gb of disk space available, which it equates to 47hrs of recording time - yet nominating something to record from the guide says 'not enough space to record' - funny it had already told me there was 47hrs of space. Alternatively it may say 'please reboot the PC to verify the guide information' - why, the information is already there! Just use it! To cap it all it may actually record the program you select then when you come back to play it it may say 'unrecognised format' - how can this be? Media center recorded it media center should play it!

Just found this while looking into the problems 'We have been getting reports about Guide problems from DVB users across Europe and the world' - I guess that means that all the off world installations are OK! - us on this planet have to wait for the next OS 'rollup' (or should that be screwup) to try and fix the problem - meanwhile having to wait 15 mins for every reboot (with a 3Ghz P4!)...

Pathetic! Unreliable! Waste of money! Last thing I ever buy that is Micro$oft! I am now totally commited to removing all WinDoze (sic) from both home and work. My main 'surfing' box is currently a 17" iMac, it gives me no trouble. I believe that the forthcoming 'vista' is beginning to catch up to OsX-Tiger... by the time it comes out and everyone is bleating about authentication not working, driver failures and the like I will be happily using OsX-Leopard - the future and what vistas replacement will be aiming toward...

I have already purchased a Panasonic HDD recorder to replace the media center PC - it has built in freeview so it can record by selecting from its own guide and guess what - IT WORKS! How hard can it be?