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Phone polls

Why does every tv programme want you to vote about something - it is just a big cash scam - they make a nice little earner via the service aggregator, not only that but they capture your details for further marketing. How can a poll done this way be anything but indicative of people who waste money with a mobile - I will never vote in these things so they are not representative of the viewing public!

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MIO 168 Review

After using this device for quite some time I thought it was time I commented on it.

First of all the bad stuff: Poor battery life, on/off switch kills content - be careful with it!, unpredictable satellite aerial, crap telescopic stylus...

Now the good stuff - everything else! It looks great, the screen is large, clear and reliable (put a protector on it though), the OS is as responsive as any other pocketpc I have used, it is a good size for the hand & pocket

Since I have had it it has been all over the place with me - I record notes on it (to allow better recollections through a beery haze) and have TomTom3 for satnav, with an add on called UKpostcode (doesn't work with Tomtom5, hence no upgrade). The battery life has continued to decline and has now reached the point of only lasting about 10 mins away from power before failure. The battery is not easily replaced (they can be purchased but involve cracking it open and installing yourself), but I haven't done this yet...

The on/off switch curiously does a factory reset SO BE CAREFUL

I can sometimes use the satnav with the aerial down and at other times it needs to be up, more often than not the aerial needs to be flipped the opposite way to where it actually is...

Last complaint the telescopic stylus is crap - when it breaks (comes apart) its useless and continually snags when replaced into its hole - no wonder they sell them in multipacks on ebay...


Dynax 7D Review

Thought I'd just put down a few thoughts about life with my digital SLR... I decided to stay with Minolta (now Konica-Minolta or even Sony) because I have used their previous products (7000 & 9000) and have accessories that would work with the new technology. Also I bought it because it was cheap - retailers were worried about the lifetime of the product because Sony acquired them and was re branding). I have had no problems with it, it takes great pictures - the camera shake switch does an adequate job as long as there is not too much vibration and all my old lenses work great.

I don't think the pictures are anywhere near as good as my trusty old 9000, but that is more a criticism of digital than this camera, the sensor does a good job in most conditions and the fact that I have abandoned my 9000 in favour of this shows that I accept it.

I have used both a 4Gb SD card (in a CF convertor) and a 4GB CF-III and they both performed quickly and flawlessly. Battery life is very good, so I probably didn't need to buy the 2 spare batteries that I did (but you can't be too careful).

I did add the 5600 dedicated flash instead of using my old 4000 because I wanted the wireless flash sync that is built into the camera and flash - and it does a good job (though you have to remember to add the diffuser if using it close quarter otherwise it washes out the subject)

All in all I wish I hadn't held out - I should have got it sooner...


Part Time Parenting

Funny how parents are worried about getting their kids to school without them being molested, kidnappped or whatever, but after school they lose all interest in them - they are allowed to go out, hang about on street corners drinking white lightning, etc... and are more at risk than ever...

When the schools are off kids congregate in shopping centres and wherever else they please - but more importantly the roads are quiet, you can get anywhere in the car - fast!

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