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Ulead VideoStudio

Can quickly convert dvr-ms and makes Media Center files useful when shifted away from their replay folder!

I have found some files that won't, but in the main a couple of seconds after clicking convert and one of the old dvr-ms files becomes usable in real software (and not just MC)


Lost (the plot)

I suppose this is not just a complaint about Lost, it is about yank drama in general - when something is successful they extend it till it has no viewers left or their staff costs have gone through the roof and they have to abandon it incomplete! I gave up with 24 for the same reason and no longer start watching series as I expect them to do this to everything...

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MIO A701 Review

After quite some time with my MIO 168 I decided it was time for a change and got the MIO A701, basically the same device with a smaller screen, better satnav and a built in phone...

How does it perform? Well its got a dodgy phone - calls out if you catch one of the buttons on the front, 2 sec delay on answering - press to answer a call and you might hear something in a couple of seconds...

Yes, you can put a LOCK on the keyboard but it then requires the stylus to unlock it and makes it a bit of a pain (but better this than phantom calls due to movement in the pocket)

The battery life is good and this time MIO allow easy battery changes (as per mobile phones) and software runs quickly.

The satnav is definitely an improvement over the one on the 168 (less config required and quicker to find GPS)

The screen is a bit small but is perfectly usable and I see it as a good replacement for the 168


Traffic Calming – Traffic Annoyances!

The people they are designed to slow down don't care cos its not their car they are damaging by riding kerbs and bashing bollards - joyriders are car thieves - do we call bank robbers 'cash desirers' - no they rob banks so they are bank robber so why cant the people that steal cars be car thieves? The need to make crime seem less prevalent than it is has resulted in soft names for crimes. 'Date rape' is said to be less of a crime than rape - why? either they consented or they didn't, and if they didn't it is rape, whether on a date or not! We don't have date murder (not as bad as murder because the victim was asking for it...)!

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Windoze MC – Recordings are Proprietry

The more I use this the less I like it... when it hangs (note - I didn't say if) and you kill the application the underlying OS goes off into its own little world and the system requires a forced cold boot via the power button. I have also found that editing stuff it recorded is a nightmare (it generates dvr-ms files) as recordings need to be converted to 'proper' mpeg2 for use in all the common video editing tools (there is no editing tool included and no conversion included) - another example of being 'locked-in' to the Micro$ft way of life!