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yarnarr wot amin?

Is the English language dead, it is certainly being murdered down south - they've gone all Ali-G!

Why is it that people have to sound like gangsta rappers or Afro-Caribbean wide boys when they quite clearly are not?

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M60 review

M60 review (in preparation for disposal in favour of mac book pro upon leopard reease).

For the last 18 months I have been using a Dell Precision M60 for both work and personal stuff (my main computer) and it has been excellent.

It replaced my old Dell Latitude C640 and was a bit of pain at first because it needed D peripherals instead of all the C peripherals that I used with my C640 and C600 prior to that...

Its Centrino 2Ghz processor is acceptable (but only seems to be as fast as my old P4 2.2Ghz, when it should be quicker), the wireless is OK (only 2 bars connectivity when others are getting 4 - but it works), the video card is excellent - plenty fast and easily capable of the 1920x1200 res that I prefer for both viewing and editing stuff I'm working on - it also does a goods jobe dual heading (extended desktop) with my old Dell Ultrasharp monitor.

Its getting on a bit now, but it only has to last until OsX 105 Leopard is out - I'll then get a MacBook Pro and wave goodbye to Windoze forever...


Veggies and Vegans – get a life

Watched a TV programme where veggie athletes agreed to be tested, eat meat for a fortnight and be retested. One tried all meats others kept to the minimum. the final tests showed significant increases for the adventurous one and and an upward trend for the others.
If you avoid meat because of medical reasons then ok but those that avoid it because they think its cruel are kidding themselves. Do they think that plants don't scream when they are harvested? do they think that anything with a brain will think like us? not so - dolphins are said to be incredibly clever but they;ve never invented anything, developed trade alliances, or done that most human of things - gone to war! they are just a well adapted aquatic mammal.

Stick a questionnaire in front of some cattle asking them what they think about their life and how they feel about becoming steaks and burgers - pointless, eh! just what I say about your avoidance of meat!

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