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Microsoft Curry Favour

Micro$oft vesta (sic, sounding like a rubbish 70s curry) has been released, what - its vista? the 1st security update will follow after an hour or so...

Looks like its finally gained some OSX features - too little too late for me - I ditch MS for Leopard when its released...


BT Business Hub

Following our office move we had to abandon cable internet and switch to ADSL (no cable in our new location)

I got the 8Mb BT ADSL option which comes with a business hub, this has a built in ADSL modem, 4 port 10/100 switch, wireless access point and firewall

I was VERY simple to install - plug it in, give it some basic settings and off it went

Its not as configurable as my Draytek at home, but it makes up for it in ease of use. BT should be commended for making this so easy to use. It is a good option for any technophobes or users that lack configuration confidence.

It seems to have a recommended limit of 10 concurrent users, so we will outgro it in no time, but it is a perfectly adequate solution at the moment


Yanks – Debt Paid!

They see themselves as the worlds police (how accurate was Team America- World Police?). South Park, Simpsons, Futurama and can be self critical - but they are out of the ordinary for Yank TV - in the main they portray themselves as the birthplace of civilisation, masters of the universe and earthly gods...

Patriotism is pushed to the point of fanaticism, what will happen when the spics take over the US (which they will)?

We have been in debt to them since the end of the 2nd world war following a 4 billion pound loan to keep us going after we fought whilst they watched to keep the world free of tyranny, but no longer - we've paid it off!

Let us no longer dance to their tune, we don't need them and we don't owe them anything anymore!

Their intolerance of anything none US puts them at odds with the rest of the world and we too should shun them, much as I disagree with muslim militancy I can see their point about US foreign interference

Yanks go home...

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USB turntable

USB turntable + Imac = hifi

Finally got rid of my trusty old hifi (a Mitsubishi), no need for it now (never thought I'd say that...) - I can play all my new stuff AND my vinyl via the computer!

All my CDs have been ripped and are stored on a 2TB NAS array which sits behind the TV.

I can access them wirelessly from anywhere within reach of the house

The USB turntable was the final piece - it allows me to play my old vinyl (or easily rip it, so it was goodbye hifi!

It also allows me to connect my old cassette (anyone remember them) player if I fancy listening to them...