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Vista – PITA

My ex boss got a new PC and wanted me to configure it for him - my first experience of Vista - to be fair to Micro$oft marketing I did go 'WOW!' but it wasn't what they expected it was 'WOW - this is far worse than I thought it would be'.

I really thought the Micro$oft were beginning to catch up to OsX by adding some of the features that us Tiger users have had for years, but no - its all rubbish (smoke & mirrors, so they say). The improved security appears to be extra popups that basically advise not to use something that Micro$oft haven't sold you (passing the buck, that is called) - main user still runs at administrator level so it is still easy for 'invaders' to get into the OS.

Completely disappointed and now totally convinced the OsX is the future!

Vista - Pain In The Arse