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Optio W30

I've finally got round to replacing my old Olympus digital compact camera... I went for the Pentax Optio W30 Waterproof... probably a good idea the way the weather has been this year!

It looks great (I got a blue one), though it doesn't have a viewfinder (call me old fashioned but I like having a viewfinder), however this appears to be its only failing - it takes great pics and the same memory cards as my other devices (SD)

Most important of all - the missus can use it - how simple can it get?

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  1. Yes but it looks like a toy camera doesnt it.Any anybody cant use it.Especially when they are worse for wear after southport beering!!

  2. Just picking up on your point about the misses… watch she doesn’t trip over the power lead and rip the thing to pieces


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