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Celebrity Endorsements

I know the advertising world has used celebrity associations to boost their products appeal in the past, but do we really need celebrities to launch their own brands?

Kate Moss has now launched her own perfume, why? I thought she worked for Revlon and as such was there to flog their stuff. If anyone wants to smell like Kate Moss they should just pour a bottle of vodka over themselves and then dust lightly with cocaine...

I have no idea what celebrities own brands add to the marketplace other than overcrowding it and removing themselves from advertising competing products

In fact I don't even know why most of the so called celebrities ARE celebrities - at one time you had to be good at something and then you became known for it, you gained celebrity, nowadays people just want fame without having to have talent, usually via 'reality' tv shows - it must really annoy proper celebrities that have worked for their accolades

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