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Celebrity Endorsements

I know the advertising world has used celebrity associations to boost their products appeal in the past, but do we really need celebrities to launch their own brands?

Kate Moss has now launched her own perfume, why? I thought she worked for Revlon and as such was there to flog their stuff. If anyone wants to smell like Kate Moss they should just pour a bottle of vodka over themselves and then dust lightly with cocaine...

I have no idea what celebrities own brands add to the marketplace other than overcrowding it and removing themselves from advertising competing products

In fact I don't even know why most of the so called celebrities ARE celebrities - at one time you had to be good at something and then you became known for it, you gained celebrity, nowadays people just want fame without having to have talent, usually via 'reality' tv shows - it must really annoy proper celebrities that have worked for their accolades

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Insurance Rises Following Flooding

Looks like we'll all have to pay 15% more for our household insurance following the recent creation of three new lake districts...

"Worst floods ever..." the environment agency said - but apparently they meant "for 60 years" because all this has happened before, they chose to ignore that fact and plead ignorance...

Ever wondered why the bit by the side of a river is called a 'flood plain'? - wonder no more - unless adequate defences are in place (and that doesn't mean none), housing should not be built there  and if it is those householders should pay the insurance penalty for it, not the rest of us!

The government have reiterated that they want more houses built despite there being adequate plans for new homes and 50% availability in the rental market, they say there is a demand for homes to buy - yes, because there are too many for rent! If more houses are built (avoiding being snapped up by speculators for rental) that do get bought then the rental market should collapse because they have no takers and there will then be too many houses available and we will have a glut resulting in a price crash (mainly affecting those people that overpaid for their homes)...

If there were adequate council houses (yes, that's what's disappeared), then the rental market would be a realistic size and there would be enough homes at normal prices - we have again been shafted by our freemarket fatcat economy and the urge to make big profits from property (as the speculators supply rental housing to the councils instead of the councils producing their own...)

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The DVLA 'spoilsport' department has struck again eliminating the plates that they would not like to see on the road...

The government recently issued a statement saying 300,000 new homes were needed and they were going to force councils to release land with planning permission to fill this need... curious, the building industry already has enough land WITH planning permission to build 220,000 homes (from their own annual reports) - so why not build them?

The goverment hopes they will build 'affordbable' homes - what planet do they live on? Private industry is profit led, it doesn't 'help' anyone, it strives to make the most money for the least expenditure (and some bribes), have the government not learned from the way private companies have screwed our rail network, power grid, water system, telecommunications, and pretty much anything else they touch...

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Had an odd experience this morning - Just as I woke up I realised I had been having a dream about seeing Stanley Baxter walking through my local village and the local ASBO crowd seeing him and chanting 'one Stanley Baxter, there's only one Stanley Baxter...' and thinking it must be painful being a celebrity. However I had incorrectly identified him, it was really the Big Yin (who would recognise Stanley Baxter nowadays anyway?). What is the significance of this? It wasn't just me that got it wrong, it was my perception of the local hooligans - this must mean that dreams are not recollections of past events or premonitions of the future - they are merely nocturnal thoughts and are susceptible to all the flaws therein!

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Another Day Another Deluge

When I was a kid summer meant weeks off school and sunshine in June & July, nowadays it means nothing of the sort.

We've had that much rain this year I'm thinking of building an Ark!

It has also been repoerted that water rates are going to rise to pay for improved flood defences - why? - infrastructure expenditure by the industry was quoted as being over £4 billion in last year yet they only spent £3 billion - surely that means they have £1 billion yet to spend!

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Optio W30

I've finally got round to replacing my old Olympus digital compact camera... I went for the Pentax Optio W30 Waterproof... probably a good idea the way the weather has been this year!

It looks great (I got a blue one), though it doesn't have a viewfinder (call me old fashioned but I like having a viewfinder), however this appears to be its only failing - it takes great pics and the same memory cards as my other devices (SD)

Most important of all - the missus can use it - how simple can it get?

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I think I am very near to buying one of these despite saying I would wait for its development to settle down and for more true PS3 titles to appear...

My brother tells me that it easily runs YDL (Yellow Dog Linux - which I have used on my G3 powerbook for some time) and acts as a media centre... do I detect a replacement for the much hated Windoze MC?

Apparently there is a price drop on the way, so we''ll see what that is and then make a decision

Thus far it has taken a pasting from the Nintendo Wii (and quite deservedly so), I can't use one of these though I would end up dropping the controller and bashing my beloved Plasma!

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Well, its over a year since I finally made the move to flat panel TV and I'll never go back.

I love my Panasonic, even though I didn't expect Plasma to fit the bill - I was fully convinced that LCD would be better (better life, more features, runs cooler...) but when I compared them in the shop the Panasonic picture was miles better (deeper blacks, better contrast...) and here we are one year on - no screen burn (despite the best efforts of Sky to annoy with all their screen corner iconography) and a perfect monitor for Windoze MC (yes, its still hanging on - but I expect to 'bin it' soon...)


Vista – PITA

My ex boss got a new PC and wanted me to configure it for him - my first experience of Vista - to be fair to Micro$oft marketing I did go 'WOW!' but it wasn't what they expected it was 'WOW - this is far worse than I thought it would be'.

I really thought the Micro$oft were beginning to catch up to OsX by adding some of the features that us Tiger users have had for years, but no - its all rubbish (smoke & mirrors, so they say). The improved security appears to be extra popups that basically advise not to use something that Micro$oft haven't sold you (passing the buck, that is called) - main user still runs at administrator level so it is still easy for 'invaders' to get into the OS.

Completely disappointed and now totally convinced the OsX is the future!

Vista - Pain In The Arse


Canon MP600R

After my 'difficulties' with HP printing I asked around and settled on buying a Canon printer (never had one before, but my recent experiences of Epson & HP eliminated them)

I got an MP600R - with built in wireless connection - it is everything I normally avoid, an AIO (All in one), printer & scanner

Since I got it it has performed flawlessly - it is quiet, prints excellently, scans accurately and I can use it anywhere in wireless range of my router

Well recommended! (Thanks Paul, you were right about Canon printers)